Sonitrol Pacific Protects Warehouse

Listen as a warehouse is broken into. Luckily, Sonitrol Pacific was there the entire time to notify police which led to an arrest. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO SCHEDULE A FREE ASSESSMENT

Computer Store Security

Security Audio from the Computer Store A classic example of the value of Sonitrol Pacific’s exclusive audio detection and verification: the first part of the recording captures the perpetrators who had scaled an adjoining wall from a neighboring business to gain entry as they discuss their get away plans and then leave the premise. The second part is the police … Read More

Another School Burglary Stopped Cold

Audio sensors alert officials to school intruders Police detained two juveniles, then later released them to their parents’ custody after Sonitrol Pacific audio security sensors detected the two inside a Portland area school. A Sonitrol Pacific Operator received an activation from the school and heard a voice say “hello.” She called a representative from the school to investigate. While he … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific Names Matt Payne New Boise Location Branch Manager

Matt Payne

Boise, Idaho, December 1, 2020 – Sonitrol Pacific, the Pacific Northwest leader in verified security, has named Matt Payne the new branch manager of the Boise Sonitrol location.  In making the announcement Lisa Buckner, Executive Vice President of Sonitrol Pacific stated, “We are excited for Matt and the enthusiasm he brings to Boise. His focus on developing solutions for and … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific Names Payne CEO & Buckner EVP


Portland, Oregon, December 18, 2018  Sonitrol Pacific, the Pacific Northwest leader in verified security, has named Jim Payne its President & CEO and Lisa Buckner its Executive Vice President.  Company Chairman Beau Bradley made the announcement at the company’s 40th Anniversary celebration on Friday, December 14. In making the announcement Bradley stated, “It’s time to pass the baton. Today we … Read More

How can managed access control help your business?


Access control can help businesses of all sizes eliminate many problems in the workplace and improve efficiency. Here are the 5: Safety By installing access control on crucial doors, businesses can funnel the public and visitors into entrances always monitored by staff. This allows the business to keep track of who is in the building at all times, which in … Read More

How Do Thermal Cameras Protect Your Business?


  How Do Thermal Cameras Work To Protect Your Business From Loss Or Damage? Thermal cameras are the latest video analytics tool for protecting our client’s property.  When installed eight to twelve feet off the ground the thermal cameras can capture indoor and outdoor images one-hundred fifty to three hundred feet away.  When viewed by the verification center they are … Read More

Trespassers Caught in Marysville, Washington


On October 13th at 1:41 AM, two 13 year olds were caught trespassing at a middle school in Marysville, WA. Thanks to Sonitrol’s verified security, there were no damages or loss of property and the juveniles were taken home. If you are looking for the ultimate security solution, look no further than Sonitrol Pacific. We are here to help you … Read More

What is verified security?


Security is often something that new businesses and homes overlook needing until it is too late. With so many different types of companies to choose from and types of services it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best fit for you. Something you should know before purchasing a security system is that roughly 95% of burglar alarms are … Read More


SOUNDING BOARD SONITROL PACIFIC’S SECOND QUARTER NEWSLETTER SONITROL PACIFIC RANKED #36 ON SDM’S TOP 100 US SECURITY COMPANIES!  Sonitrol Pacific has ranked again in this year’s list of the top 100 security companies nationwide. Security Distribution and Marketing (SDM) Magazine has published an annual report ranking 100 of the highest performing security companies in the U.S. based on their recurring … Read More