Sonitrol Pacific Referral Bonus Program

Do you know someone who is frustrated with false alarms, poor service and ready for a change with their security situation? We would be honored if you sent them our way. If the referral signs an agreement for services, you get to choose if you want to have $200 donated in your name and take home $200 for yourself, or have the total $400 donated in your name to the charity you select. Complete the form below or talk to your Security Consultant or Customer Service Representative today for more details or to make a referral. Our team will take great care of the people you refer to us and our entire community will benefit from your donation.

Referral Bonus

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Information About Your Referral Bonus

What can your referral do?

  • A $200 or $400 donation to an organization in your community.
  • A friend or colleague gains peace of mind from Sonitrol Pacific’s complete security.
  • Police can take more criminals off the streets with our verified detection.
  • Early detection means fewer losses when a burglar or vandal does target them. In 2011, 32% of suspects were caught before getting inside a Sonitrol Pacific protected facility.
  • Our passionate commitment to reducing false alarms saves clients money and time, and saves scarce police resources.

Who would a Sonitrol Pacific security system benefit? Any business or organization who is:

  • A recent victim of crime.
  • Located in a high crime or increasing crime area.
  • Moving or considering a move.
  • Building a new facility.
  • A user of a conventional system without recent review or customer service visit.
  • Looking to increase their level of security while reducing costs.
  • A frequent target of vandalism like churches, community centers and schools.

Please note that referrals must be located within our areas of service. If you would like to make sure the organization you are thinking of is in our territory, feel free to give us a call.