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Sonitrol Pacific delivers complete electronic security with a customer service focus. In Seattle, we equip businesses and homes with keyless entry systems, intrusion detection systems, verified video and audio surveillance, and fire detection systems. Our Seattle business commercial security and residential security systems feature unique sound detection technology. Sound sensors give wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling coverage. This gives Seattle homes and businesses 100% protection.

Contact a Sonitrol Pacific representative in Seattle to get a custom quote for your home or business. We are a 24/7/365 operation, we are always on the job to protect you and your assets.

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Branch Manager: Michelle Evans
1406 140th Place NE, Suite 107, Bellevue, WA 98007
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Commercial Alarm Services in Seattle

When your security system goes off, you want to know it's real. So do the police. Using our unique technology, our experts are able to verify an alarm before we call the police saving you from false alarms and burglaries. Sonitrol Pacific's managed access systems improve your facility security by:

  • Eliminating the expense of re-keying or changing locks when an employee leaves
  • Preventing users/employees from setting off false alarms
  • Giving you more surveillance oversight
  • Allowing for temporary access by visitors and vendors
  • Decreasing your liability and risk
  • Notifying the police as a break-in occurs

Seattle Electronic Security You Can Trust

With decades of experience installing and monitoring video and audio security systems for Seattle businesses and homes, we've built great relationships with both local police forces and their customers.

Whether you're looking for complete fire detection systems and temperature monitoring for sensitive areas such as freezers, managed access to provide secure keyless entry to your facilities, or intruder detection alarms to prevent theft and vandalism, Sonitrol Pacific has the electronic security system to save you time and money. Contact our Seattle office today for a free assessment.



Maximum Security

  • cost effective
  • limit liability and risk
  • restrict access




audio intrusion
  • faster police response
  • all verified alarms
  • 24/7 verification center

CAMERAS and video

24 / 7

video monitoring
  • custom designed
  • security integration
  • always verified

Consider the Facts

Rising False Alarm Rates

Over 98% of alarm activations are false alarms. And with each alarm call costing taxpayers in police time and resources, more and more communities are looking for ways to respond to alarms more effectively.

Police Response Times

The average police response time for non-verified alarm activation now exceeds 45 minutes in many communities. The longer the response time, the lower the chances of police stopping an intrusion in progress and apprehending the criminals.

Non-Traditional Threats

Increasingly sophisticated crimes, including internal theft and fraud, and crimes accompanied by other disasters such as fire or explosions, overtax traditional alarm systems. Smarter security systems are now needed.

Seattle Business Security Systems

Each of our Seattle-area customers has specific business security needs, which is why our Seattle business commercial security systems are designed to be customizable. This modular approach means that we can provide the security services you need today, like intruder detection alarms and fire monitoring, while continuing to meet your security needs as your business grows.

Sonitrol Pacific offers electronic security technology, managed access, and fire monitoring to small businesses, schools, restaurants, nonprofits, churches, and property management facilities throughout Seattle. With our state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 support, once you become a Sonitrol Pacific client, you are a client for the long run. Our client partnerships on average last over 12 years.