Another School Burglary Stopped Cold

Audio sensors alert officials to school intruders

Police detained two juveniles, then later released them to their parents’ custody after Sonitrol Pacific audio security sensors detected the two inside a Portland area school. A Sonitrol Pacific Operator received an activation from the school and heard a voice say “hello.” She called a representative from the school to investigate. While he was on his way, our Operator continued to monitor sounds inside the school and heard two people talking. She immediately called police. While officers were on their way, the Operator could hear the two intruders discuss the school’s security system and their plan of what to tell police if they got caught. At one point, one voice says he’s worried about getting caught. A second voice says, “I don’t care, what are they gonna do, put us in jail?” and the first voice answers, “yeah, we broke in here.” Police took two young men into custody, but released them to their parents as no damage was done and nothing was taken from the school.

Special Thanks To: West Linn Police Department
Location: A Grade School