Sonitrol Pacific: FAQS

Quoting a security system before visiting your facility is irresponsible. To deliver complete security, every Sonitrol Pacific system is a custom system. A security assessment is free. Your investment in security depends on the equipment needed to protect your organization, business or home. What you want to weigh is price verses cost. No one has ever bought a Sonitrol Pacific system because of price, but every Sonitrol Pacific client gets a security system that costs less. With typical burglar alarm companies making claims of free installation and cheap monitoring, you want to remember the difference between price and cost. Your Sonitrol Pacific system will be customized for the unique needs of your business. – Audio security sensors give our clients the highest return on investment. – 60% of our new clients come to us after suffering through the high cost of cheap security. Companies choose Sonitrol Pacific after having excessive false alarms, undetected break ins, or a general lack of service or poor service. We deliver quick service and proactive customer relations. – Conventional security requires someone break-in through a door or window with a contact sensor or walk in front of a motion sensor. – We detect roughly one third of our apprehensions before the suspected criminal gets inside the protected facility. – Nationally, the average police response time to a Sonitrol alarm is about 7 minutes, while a conventional alarm system is pushing 40 minutes. Click for more about how much Sonitrol Pacific costs.
Latest News

  • Atlanta 911 Operator - Atlanta 911 Operator Listen to a call from Sonitrol Pacific to the authorities about a burglary in progress. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO SCHEDULE A FREE ASSESSMENT
  • Everett Pharmacy - Pharmacy Theft Attempts End in Arrests Live security audio of a burglary in progress at an Everett pharmacy allowed police to arrest two suspects and recover stolen drugs. A Sonitrol Pacific Operator received an activation of the audio security sensors inside the Community Health Center of Snohomish County’s Everett Pharmacy. The Operator heard what sounded like a saw followed by ... Read More