Sonitrol Pacific’s Portland Location

Sonitrol Pacific provides a full suite of electronic security solutions to businesses and homes in Portland, Oregon. Our verified commercial and residential audio security systems deliver 100% coverage to our customers in the Portland area with audio security systems, surveillance cameras, controlled access and fire monitoring.

We understand Portland's security needs and provide tailored security systems for a variety of industries including businesses, schools, restaurants, churches, and more.

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Branch Manager: Jamie Sivage
8220 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217
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Portland Electronic Security That Works

Our Portland area customers consistently rate our business security systems highly. That's because we work with you to understand your Portland facility’s unique security needs, and develop the right commercial security system solution. Whether that means installing keyless entry to protect rooms with confidential documents, or installing an intruder detection alarm for your main entrance, our team of security experts will help you get the most out of your system.

Contact Sonitrol Pacific’s Portland office today to speak with one of our security consultants for a free assessment.

  • Audio intrusion detection systems offering wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling audio coverage
  • SonaVision™ security cameras providing a full view of your facility
  • Fire detection preventing loss and damage and increasing your peace of mind
  • Managed access systems securing your facilities with keyless entry

Portland Electronic Security You Can Trust

In Portland, Sonitrol Pacific works with a wide range of small and large businesses to offer early and verified detection of burglaries and other security threats. Each alarm is evaluated by our experts sound analyst operators, who can often detect threatening activity before someone even gets inside your building.

Our alarm verification guarantees the police forces are only dispatched for legitimate threats. This results in faster, more accurate dispatches that catch criminals. You get our best every time. When you have security from Sonitrol Pacific, you'll stay with Sonitrol Pacific. Our average client partnership is longer than 12 years



Maximum Security

  • cost effective
  • limit liability and risk
  • restrict access




audio intrusion
  • faster police response
  • all verified alarms
  • 24/7 verification center

CAMERAS and video

24 / 7

video monitoring
  • custom designed
  • security integration
  • always verified

Consider the Facts

Rising False Alarm Rates

Over 98% of alarm activations are false alarms. And with each alarm call costing taxpayers in police time and resources, more and more communities are looking for ways to respond to alarms more effectively.

Police Response Times

The average police response time for non-verified alarm activation now exceeds 45 minutes in many communities. The longer the response time, the lower the chances of police stopping an intrusion in progress and apprehending the criminals.

Non-Traditional Threats

Increasingly sophisticated crimes, including internal theft and fraud, and crimes accompanied by other disasters such as fire or explosions, overtax traditional alarm systems. Smarter security systems are now needed.

Portland Business Security Systems

Portland’s security needs have changed. Our Portland commercial alarm systems meet the needs of businesses across several industries, each of which confronts unique threats. Criminals understand how traditional alarms work. One out of four break-ins nationally is by some way other than a door and window. These non-traditional points of entry get around conventional alarms that only have perimeter protection. For example, our Portland construction security systems allow for added security where fences and live guards fail to prevent intrusion.