How can managed access control help your business?

Access control can help businesses of all sizes eliminate many problems in the workplace and improve efficiency. Here are the 5:


By installing access control on crucial doors, businesses can funnel the public and visitors into entrances always monitored by staff. This allows the business to keep track of who is in the building at all times, which in turn keeps employees safe. This is also a safe practice for emergency situations, such as a fire, so employers always know exactly who is in the building at any given time.

Employee Tracking

Did you know that about 64% of small businesses are victimized by internal theft? By implementing managed access control, employers can limit the hours employees have access to buildings or certain areas. Managers can also keep track of which employees entered through what doors and the exact time.


How many individuals have keys to your building? Even if you have a log of who has been assigned keys, it is impossible to know whether keys have been duplicated. It is also difficult for business owners to successfully collect keys after employees leave the company. With managed access control, Sonitrol makes it possible to immediately remove users at a moment’s notice, even if they still have their card.


Cards and fobs are much easier to use day to day than fumbling for the right key for each specific door. They also allow for convenient assignment for new staff and elimination for old staff, as you can keep a few on hand and get them activated immediately through our verification center. You can combine access cards with employee ID badges if required, or order access fobs which fit easily on a standard key ring.

No Upkeep Required

Sonitrol Managed Access Control is unique in that we do everything for you. Unlike many other access control products on the market, there is no need for your IT professionals to perform software updates, system tests, learn now to program new users and eliminate old ones, and repair the system hardware. Sonitrol takes care of the entire system. Our customers love this model, because they don’t have to hire additional IT personnel just to manage the access control system.