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Like you, we want safer communities in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise . Detection of criminal activity by our security systems have assisted police in catching more than 6,000 burglars, vandals and trespassers since 1978. Our security systems are designed for the earliest possible detection of break-ins, which means Sonitrol Pacific monitoring operators often know about threats before a suspect even gets inside.

In 2015 alone, 123 suspected burglars, vandals, trespassers and robbers were caught locally due to a Sonitrol Pacific security system. Hear intrusion detection audio security in action.

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Our Record Says it All

Developed by Al Cronk, a police officer frustrated at having never caught a criminal from an alarm system, Sonitrol’s audio detection technology protects unlike any other security system. Sonitrol’s national network of security providers has assisted law enforcement in the apprehension of more than 180,000 criminals nationally since record keeping began in 1977.

Security Monitoring Experts

Our security monitoring operators verify intrusion detection alarms by analyzing sound from audio sensors. When they get an alarm, operators listen to live audio streaming from your building. Although the alarm is activated, criminals are not alerted and operators immediately call the police. Early detection of break-ins allows police to arrive before intruders even enter the building.

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Sonitrol Pacific’s 2015 Arrest Record

Protect your business or your home with the most comprehensive security system around. Sonitrol Pacific’s burglar alarms and protections systems are designed for the earliest possible detection of suspicious activity, which means we regularly detect and catch criminals due to our monitoring.

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