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Sonitrol Pacific is your local source for comprehensive security systems for your home or business in Oregon. From our offices in North Portland, we provide a complete range of home and commercial security systems. From intruder detection alarms and keyless entry systems for Oregon businesses, to video and audio surveillance systems for local churches, schools and nonprofits, we are the experts. With Sonitrol Pacific, you get the best security system available, along with complete protection from our "Commitment to Service" guarantee and live 24-hour service and support from our experts.

Our Oregon Services and Offerings

Sonitrol’s audio sensor technology protects homes and businesses like no other. When sensors alert us to a threat, our expert operators use our verification technology to determine if it is a real or false alarm. In case of a real emergency, we alert the police as the crime is in progress. You can rest assured knowing that our experts are taking care of your property.

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Commercial Security in Oregon

When you work with Sonitrol Pacific, you know you're getting the best commercial alarm system for your facility. Our audio verification technology often helps detect break-ins before the intruder has even entered the building, and helps provide law-enforcement officials with accurate, real-time intelligence while they're still en route.

Once your are Sonitrol Pacific's client, you are a client for years. Our average client partnerships last over 12 years. To learn how Sonitrol Pacific can help protect your business, schedule a free assessment with our Portland, Oregon office today.

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Industry Solutions in Oregon

Sonitrol Pacific has worked with many organizations in the Portland, Oregon area to install high quality intrusion detection systems that work. We know that each of our customers has individual needs, which is why we work to create custom security packages for Oregon businesses.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the Oregon market, we have installed and maintained electronic security systems for many facilities. We are experts in school security systems, nonprofit and church building security systems, restaurant security, and more!