You can run, but you can't hide

When armed, Sonitrol Pacific’s audio detection system picks up on talking, walking, humming and running. On the night of July 14, it was the sound of running feet that tripped the system at Our Savior’s Lutheran church in Everett and led Verification Center operator Jessica Culver to dispatch city police to the site.

In less time than it often takes to go through the drive-through lane, police were at the church with K9 forces. They searched room after room in the seemingly empty church—but that didn’t mean the trespassers had fled the scene. Rather, they climbed up to the roof, where three trespassers were eventually sniffed out by the trained police dogs and apprehended.

Just another example of how early detection and a strong relationship with police makes for an irreplaceable security system.

2012 apprehension total: 91 and counting!