You call that an alarm system?

**A special message from Adam Prenguber, a Sonitrol Pacific Security Consultant in Portland**

As a security consultant with Sonitrol Pacific I get the opportunity on a daily basis to tour businesses around the Portland area and see the inner workings of their “alarm systems.”  It is amazing what I find during these tours, like door sensors that have been damaged or are missing all together and motion sensors that have a dead battery, no power or are being blocked by a book case or other item.

Those devices fail, which is why businesses call me to help solve the false alarms, missed break-ins, slow response from police or general lack of service that they are getting from their current vendor.  Buried deep in the fine print of most alarm companies’ agreements is a statement that every 30 days you should call them and do a walk test of your system to make sure the bell rings when your alarm trips. But if it doesn’t, it’s good news for the alarm company–they get to sell you a new device and ding you for a service call.  I have not once come across a single prospect that follows through with these monthly tests nor one that wants to do it.

The beauty of the Sonitrol Pacific security system is that it self-checks every time you arm/disarm your system and if something is wrong we will be out to fix it within two hours and the cost will be covered by our commitment to service.  By doing it this way, our employees in the Verification Center know your system works and you don’t have to worry about it.  Get in contact with us for a free security assessment and we promise not to judge your old alarm system (too much).