Would-be burglar stopped in his tracks

We at Sonitrol Pacific love catching bad guys.  We particularly love it when they are stopped before they can get inside a client’s building.  Most security technology doesn’t begin working until after a burglar is inside.  Audio sensors can detect noise made before burglars get inside, allowing police to make arrests sooner and significantly minimizing damage done and losses to a business.

Check out one client’s recent experience detailed in an email he sent Summer Felker, his customer service representative:

     Here’s a picture you guys can use in some advertising!  Last night’s (2:15 this am) attempted break-in.  Of course your trusty staff managed to alert the local authorities prior to the perp getting in!  
Maybe I need to send this to Goldfinch’s — (use Goldfinch’s glass!!) That’s the same door they smashed last year, just this time the piece of curbing stuck!!
      Thanks to the crew at Sonitrol for the quick response, as usual!!
Happy Holidays
John Hoelzel