Tip Tuesday: Keeping Schools Safe During Break

Second winter break is coming up for a number of schools around the country. Schools are also increasingly vulnerable to crimes and violence. Did you know that a school is three times more likely to be burglarized than a business, and vandalism costs schools more than $1 billion a year? There are several key reasons for this:

• Schools are easily accessible to many people
• Many potential offenders in high-risk age groups
• Schools are often seen as symbols of conformity and social order
• Many individuals view schools as public property that belongs to no one as opposed to everyone

At Sonitrol Pacific, we are dedicated to protecting schools in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise. Here are the top methods Sonitrol Pacific suggests to secure your school property and prevent loss of property:

1. Audio Detection Systems— Audio detection is a major advancement in school security systems. It offers more complete coverage and is more reliable than motion detection. When you combine it with live operators to provide a verified response, criminal apprehension rises dramatically.
2. Control and monitor traffic into key access areas by implementing Access Control Systems and keyless entry. This eliminates the hassle of traditional keys and allows administrators to safely monitor sensitive areas and limit access to authorized personnel only.
3. Install school surveillance cameras- Nothing is more powerful than video surveillance because it allows you monitor property, day or night while providing a valuable documentation of intrusion.
4. Emergency notification buttons- These life savers are simple and easy to access in case of an emergency. They notify authorities immediately, and they help keep schools safe during life-threatening situations.
5. Electronic Lockdown Systems—Trying to lock every door of a large facility can take too much precious time in the event of a serious emergency. Electronic lockdown is swift and immediate.

Our School Security Specialists assess your vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate, cost effective systems to protect your students, staff, facilities and campus. We deliver solutions for emergency communication systems, access control, intrusion detection, CCTV and fire monitoring customized for the unique challenges of schools and universities. Contact us today at 800-898-1899 to schedule a free security assessment.