Police respond to Sonitrol Pacific alarms

Yesterday, while grabbing a quick lunch at a Milwaukie sandwich shop, Security Consultant Shane Smith ran into a sergeant from the city’s police department.    The sergeant wanted to know if 1) Sonitrol Pacific still made a donation every quarter to Crime Stoppers for our apprehension incidents and 2) if Sonitrol Pacific still presented certificates of achievement to officers who arrest people breaking into one of our client’s buildings.

Shane’s answer?

“Why yes, both of those programs are still going strong.”

Crime Stoppers donations:
For decades, Sonitrol Pacific has donated $100 per arrest incident at facilities protected by a Sonitrol Pacific security system.  We do this in recognition of the officers and dispatchers involved.  The donations are distributed between Crime Stoppers organizations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, based on the jurisdiction where the incidents occurred.

Sonitrol Pacific donated $1,800 for the 18 arrest incidents that took place during first quarter of 2010 and $2,800 for the 28 arrest incidents that took place during the second quarter of 2010.  In 2009, we donated a total of $9,400 in recognition of the 94 arrest incidents we had last year.

For information about your local Crime Stoppers program or to get involved, visit the website.

Police and deputy recognition:
After an arrest incident occurs due to a detection by a Sonitrol Pacific security system, we write letters of commendation for the officers who responded to our call and present them with Certificates of Appreciation (and we take treats for the police dogs).

This is no small feat considering the number of officers who respond to our calls averages in the six to eight range.  Police know we verify our alarms and we have a much lower than average false alarm rate.  A Sonitrol Pacific call is not a waste of time or scarce police resources.  In Everett, where Sonitrol Pacific began in 1978 and we have a very long history with the police department, it is not unusual to see as many as 15 officers respond to our call.

If you work for a law enforcement agency in a city or county that Sonitrol Pacific serves and you haven’t received certificates from us after catching bad guys at a Sonitrol Pacific protected site, give Pamela Singleton a call at 503.223.5822.