What Were You Thinking?

**By Kerry Goodwin, Puget Sound Schools Specialist**

Yesterday my wife and I took one of our grandsons out to lunch. While in the restaurant I, and probably a dozen other people, overheard the following side of a phone conversation: “The code is 8307 off, just enter it into the keypad. No, 8307 then press the off button. Well, then just go into my bedroom and use the keypad in there. No the code is 8307, then press the off button. Oh great I will be getting a call from ADT.”

Before she even completed that conversation, she stated to the man sitting next to her, “Honey, answer your phone, that’s going to be ADT, they’re calling you because I’m on the phone. Just give them our code word.”

The man answered his cell phone, “Hello, yes. Just a moment.”

Now speaking to the woman, “What’s the code word?” The woman interrupts her conversation on her cell phone, “Penguin” and returns back to her previous conversation.

crowded restaurant

Think your conversation is private in a place like this? Think again.

The man returns to his conversation, “Penguin. No, we are out at lunch and my son is at home trying to disarm the system. No, do not send anyone.”

The woman’s conversation continued, “Well now you’ve locked up the keypad. No, you’re going to have to disarm it or ADT will keep calling. Just wait until it clears then enter the code. I don’t know, but write this down so you don’t have to call me again, 8307 off. Okay.”

This conversation got my attention because I am in the electronic security business and I am wondering what they could possibly be thinking. They don’t even realize the exposure they just created. They now have NO security!


I am wondering how many people in the burglary business overheard the conversation. Perhaps even a bigger concern, how many people that weren’t planning to commit a burglary are now considering it because the opportunity just presented itself?

An unscrupulous employee can easily obtain their address, or anyone can simply follow them home and plan for a later break-in.

I hope their next conversation wasn’t about when they were going to take their next vacation.


Be cautious about how much and what information you reveal in public without even thinking about it. And remember, social media is public!

Be smart and be safe.