What can a gift mean?

This may seem like an unlikely place to post a thank you note – especially one from Christmas. Usually, a company like ours posts thank you’s from customers but at times we get a thank you that reminds us how much impact a gift can have.  Sonitrol Pacific employees collected money over the Christmas Season and along with matching monies donated by our company we made gifts to several local non-profits.  One gift went to a Randy, a client at Bridgeways, a local non-profit whose purpose is best reflected by its mission – Bridgeways provides mental health services that promote quality-of-life for individuals who live with mental illness in a manner that facilitates growth, independence, and a sense of community.  Randy received one of the gift cards and this is his thank you note:

“To the kind people at Sonitrol: Thank you so much for the gift card.  It was my only present and made for a wonderful day.

Your generosity was so great that I thought I had dreamed the whole thing and had to be reassured that the gift card was real.  I used the card to purchase a television, a converter box and a DVD player.  I still have $16 left on the card.

You gift was a boon to  me in that I now can watch the  news and see what’s going on in the world.  I am isolating less because my roommate and I watch movies together so I am out of my room more than in the past. This, in itself, is a miracle.

In closing, I want to again express my extreme appreciation for your kindness. Being depressed, I don’t smile a lot, but when I think of Sonitrol, my face lights up. You are in my prayers.  Sincerely, Randy. “

Sometimes a gift can make a life better in ways you never expected.  We at Sonitrol Pacific appreciate Bridgeways for what they do.  Please feel free to visit Bridgeways website for more information about them and the work they do.