We Value People

Remember Janet’s earlier blog about how much she loves her job? Well, she’s back with more reason than ever to appreciate being part of the Sonitrol Pacific team.

**By Janet Pucik, Accounts Payable**

Recently I was in an auto accident after work and had to go to the emergency room.  When I called into work to let my boss know I would not be at work the next day, a co-worker offered to come and stay with me at the ER and then made sure I got home that night since my car was towed due to the accident.  Once I got to the ER and was waiting for my co-worker to show up, my boss showed up too.  What a surprise!

They both stayed with me at the ER for over 2 hours after they had been at work all day.  This was so very kind of them and I was very grateful they come to check on me and stay with me.

Now that just shows me–and I am hoping everyone out there–what a great company Sound Security (doing business as Sonitrol Pacific) really is.  To go above and beyond for their employees and co-workers, that says a lot.

Thank you Heather Rosenthal and Lisa Buckner for being there for me in my time of need.

Sound Security Rocks!!!!!