Chief Reese: We love Sonitrol. We actually catch them!

Thanks to Lisa Buckner, Sonitrol Pacific Corporate Controller, for emailing me this story.

“This afternoon I attended a MBA (Metropolitan Business Association) meeting where Chief of Police Mike Reese and Division Commander Bob Day of the Portland Police Bureau were guest speakers.  After their presentation, during the question and answer session, I stood up and stated, ‘As you know I’m with Sonitrol Pacific (Chief Reese smiled). I often come to these meeting boasting about the many apprehensions we have at Sonitrol Pacific.  We know at Sonitrol Pacific this is greatly due to the police department’s quick response.  The employees of Sonitrol Pacific and our customers thank you greatly for this.  You help provide our customers with peace of mind.’

“He could have replied with a ‘thank you’ and went onto the next raised hand, but instead Chief Reese said, ‘We love Sonitrol.  WE ACTUALLY CATCH THEM!  Their technology allows us to do this’.”

We’re proud of our partnership with local law enforcement agencies and the role we play in getting bad guys off the streets of our community.