We Give the Best Security and Service, Because YOU Deserve It

I believe the huge variety of Sonitrol Pacific clients is a testament to our individualized security designs and personal, focused attention.  From niche boutiques to expansive state parks, if you want to protect it, we can make it happen.

Pacific Laundry Co. in Tacoma is another example of our varied clientele.  We’ve been taking care of them since 1995 and today they sent us a thank you note.

Re: Sonitrol/Sound Security

To Whom it May Concern:

This letter is in regards to our long-term service with Sonitrol/Sound Security.  We recently went through a business restructuring here at Pacific Laundry and ended up needing to sign a new lease and agreement with your company.  I was writing to let you know how smoothly things have gone in the transition.  We have been a customer of yours since 1995 and have never had any real problems.  Anytime we have had an issue with our security alarm we have always been notified promptly and in the manner(s) that we have requested.

I know with this type of business often you only hear response from your customers that are unhappy.  I would like to let you know what good work your employees perform and how helpful they have been.  Thank you.


Keith Vincent,