Warehouse Security System Catches Cigar-Smoking Burglar

Last night at 2:24 a.m., champion operator Mike Young picked up multiple trips from the warehouse door at a roofing supplies distributor in Everett. The warehouse security alarms were followed by trips from the office door. Mike dispatched Everett PD. As police were en route, the suspect made some odd choices– namely, skipping cash in a drawer but stealing a cigar instead, taking two industrial carabiners from a huge tub of them, taking one of each type of knife available, and stealing two oranges from the fridge. When the cops burst in, the suspect had just lit up the cigar and begun peeling an orange.

Nothing says “successful burglary” like an orange and a cigar…

Before entering the building, the suspect used pallets and roofing supplies to climb over the fence. Once he was in the yard, he broke into the trucks and stole the radios and gas cards inside.

Police reported that the man was a repeat offender with a long rap sheet. Upon arresting him, the officers also found gas cards stolen from a nearby retirement home that had recently been burgled.

Making the apprehension even more awesome was the great support from the store manager, who said of Mike, ” he was super calm and professional and made sure to be patient with a half awake me while explaining that he was certain someone was in here. It’s just so awesome that you have such great operators. Your guys are the best!”

When it come to security systems for warehouses, it’s important that outdoor, shop, and office spaces are all secured. Our audio detection systems work to make sure that if criminals get in, they don’t get out until police have them in handcuffs.