Verified Security Alarm Response: What is it & How Does It Work?

Here’s a sobering fact you might not be aware of: 98% of all security alarms are false. Additionally, because the local police force must confirm that the alarm activation is legitimate, it can take up to 45 minutes for them to arrive when your security alarm is triggered. Sonitrol Pacific saves businesses, schools and families in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise time and resources by providing alarm verification.So, what exactly is a verified response? It simply means that once your verified security system has been triggered, a signal is immediately sent to our Verification Center so our expert operators can listen to a live audio transmission from your site and get a better sense of whether there is a true threat. You can a listen to what that sounds like here.

If the Sonitrol Pacific’s verification team determines that the alarm is real, it will be officially verified, and the police are alerted at once.

Why is verification so important?

  •  Police respond immediately to a verified alarm. They know it’s a good use of their time and that the possibility for an arrest is high.
  • You can be charged a fine of up to $150 per false alarm.

These fines are a tool that local governments use to dissuade the number of false alarms that drain police resources, and take them away from actual crimes taking place. With a verified alarm, you dramatically decrease the likelihood that you will be charged a fine for a false activation.

Verified security alarms provide airtight building security, asset protection, and safety for your family or colleagues.

Sonitrol Pacific’s verified response Audio Detection provides world class protection for businesses, schools, and homes across the northwest including Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boise. For more information on how to prevent false alarms, check out our recent blog and contact us today.