Verified Alarms Trump Enhanced Call

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted December 19, 2008

As of January 2009, the Seattle Police Department will become one of the first major city departments to employ an Enhanced Call Verification policy requiring burglar alarm companies to make two calls to a customer before calling the police in an attempt to reduce the high volume of false alarms they receive from traditional burglar alarm companies.

Since Sonitrol Pacific has been committed to verifying every system activation through either audio or video technology since we started business in 1978, this policy doesn’t impact our clients. Verification trumps calling the customer to ask them if there’s a problem.

Our early and verified detection allows our clients to enjoy an average police response time of seven minutes nationally. Faster response means more criminals caught. Sonitrol Pacific has helped law enforcement catch more than 5,000 suspected criminals.