Vandals caught shooting at school windows

Operator Joe Orsborn

Police put a swift end to the window-shooting fun of two school vandals after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security sensors detected sounds of glass breaking January 30.

Monitoring Operator Joe Orsborn received an impact-activated audio sensor alert about 2:20 a.m. and took action.  He heard glass breaking at several different locations within the school and called police.

Lakewood Police responded quickly to the verified alarm and saw two people outside the school.  One suspect was caught immediately.  The second suspect tried to run, but police gave chase and caught him, too.

According to police, the two suspected vandals were shooting at windows.  One carried a slingshot and the other had a pellet gun.  Several windows were damaged, but none were completely broken out.

Thanks to verified audio security monitored by a Sonitrol Pacific expert and fast police response, damage was minimal and the suspects were taken into custody.