Unexpected Benefits of Managed Access Control

By Tony Orso
Posted April 14, 2008

Our clients find so many benefits to replacing their building’s keys with a Sonitrol Pacific keyless entry system, just ask one of them. People have told me they save money in unexpected ways with our Managed Access System. A few hidden benefits I’ve heard are:
1)I save money because I don’t have to rekey the locks or issue new keys every time we have an employee change.
2)I have an office where I have to pay any employee who arrives at work, even on a weekend. I used to have to put them through a complicated disciplinary procedure but I still had to pay them overtime. Now I limit their building access to their normal work days and shifts. This benefit alone paid for my system.”
3)I never knew who had keys or how many keys were out. All I do now is call Heather, our CSR, and she provides me a list of all active card holders to my building.”
4)I never knew when the night janitors came into my building or how long they were here. Now I know that I am getting what I pay for.”
5)It is so easy for me to limit access to areas inside my building because the access system is so easy to use. I even have it on my server room and supply room doors.

Sonitrol Pacific offers a unique combination of intrusion protection, managed access control, SonaVision (our brand name for CCTV) and fire system monitoring. Many customers have enjoyed the benefits of our verified intrusion protection systems but did not know that our managed access offering has many unique benefits as well. Consider the following:

1)Integration – Our system is designed to allow you to open locked doors and turn your Sonitrol intrusion system off by simply presenting your card or fob to the card reader on the outside of your building. This decreases false alarms and makes disarming your system easy – you don’t have to remember your pin number.
2)End to new keys and rekeying – If you install an access control system and re-key your facility you do not need to replace keys and rekey locks when you have a personnel change. Replace your keys with cards or fobs and all you have to do is notify our operations center – access cards can be activated or deactivated within minutes. We can make these changes even if you are out of town or out of the country – just call us and we do the work for you.
3)Limited access – Keys allow anyone to enter your building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a Sonitrol managed access system you can limit an individual’s access to the days or times that you choose. You don’t need to worry about employees entering the building on nights, weekends or holidays unless you want them to.
4)Reports – You get reports of who entered your building and what time they entered. Unlike keys, Sonitrol’s managed access system leaves a record of who enters the door and when they entered it. Our reports are presented using your employees’ names to make it easy for you read and understand.
5)Management – Sonitrol’s managed access systems means you don’t need to learn another computer program to make your system work. Just tell us what you want and it is done. Many people have problems with their access system because they don’t understand the system and they don’t like having to spend their time managing the multiple users or access level. We do all the work for you.

There are many benefits to a managed access system. What benefits could it have to you and your company?