Two Weekend Arrests from Audio Detection

As January wears on, we are racking up more arrests for the new year.

Operator Minta Christopherson received audio activations from a portable classroom at a public high school in Kirkland, Wash. on January 18 at 1:30 in the morning. She could hear some faint movement and she called the school guard service, who said they would send someone to the campus. Minta continued hearing noise so she dispatched Kirkland PD. Minta heard officers arrive and make contact with two individuals on site. The police later confirmed that both suspects were taken into custody.

bikeAt 1 a.m. today, another operator heard what sounded like a “thunk” at Bike Tech in Tacoma. A little while later, the operator heard the sound of breaking glass and immediately dispatched Tacoma PD. The officers arrested one suspect, who had broken the store’s glass window with a large rock but had not yet gained entry to the inside of the store. The early detection prevented the loss of potentially tens of thousand dollars in bikes and bike parts.