Two Suspects Arrested After Audio Activations

Mike YoungWe recently learned that two burglars were apprehended (and a third escaped) at a Portland high school earlier this week. A janitor left a window open at the school, which apparently was too enticing for the suspects to pass up. But rather than sneaking in and out undetected because no door or window sensors were activated, the culprits found themselves surrounded by police officers after our Operator, Mike Young, heard motion inside the school. When he heard voices and clattering inside the building, he dispatched the police immediately. The school principal will be pressing charges.

school cafeteriaWhat we love about this apprehension is that it was “audio only,” meaning that we were able to determine a threat, dispatch police and get the arrests based on our audio sensors alone, without door or window sensors. Putting contact sensors on every door and window in a school is simply impractical, but comprehensive coverage with audio sensors provides the same comprehensive coverage — or more, considering that many burglars use unconventional entry points like roof hatches.

See this diagram to find out more about how we protect schools with security systems.