Two nabbed in home burglary case

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Putting your life back together after a home burglary can’t be easy. Fortunately, Sonitrol Pacific’s home security systems significantly decrease the likelihood of burglars actually getting away with your stuff.

At 4:30 last night, Verification Center operator Kris Etheridge was responsible for dispatching the King County sheriff’s department to a home burglary in North Bend, WA.

She heard breaking glass and possible movement inside the home and dispatched King County police. It became clear that people were inside the house, with sound and additional alarms on basement and garage doors. Kris updated the police on the activity in the house and called the homeowners, who were away from the house.

Both suspects took off running after police arrived. One, a woman, was caught immediately and thrown in the clink. The other was speedier and kept police and K-9 on the chase for nearly 6 hours, despite having lost a shoe on the scene (I’m guessing it wasn’t a glass slipper, like Cinderella).

In between busting the burglary and catching suspect # 2, police found the abandoned getaway car.

Before noon today, a K-9 sniffed out the second intruder and took him down.

Both suspects are now in police custody. Let’s hope they stay there for a while.