Two More Apprehensions!

The operator was monitoring early Sunday morning when she received alarm activations on a work room at an elementary school in Mukilteo. She could hear at least one male onsite whispering to potentially another person. She then dispatched police, alerted the emergency contacts and continued to receive activations and could hear additional rattling. The emergency contact called back to say they had one in custody. K9 and police apprehended him as he exited the building. The suspect was going to be taken to the hospital after ingesting heroin he had on him while in the police car. He also had burglary tools and used a crow bar to pry the door open. Customer service followed up and learned that he broke in through the library work room door by prying it open with the pry bar.

Then, the audio verification specialist was monitoring last Sunday when she received an alarm activation on the employee entry of a medical office in Everett. She could see a person on the deck and it appeared to be an officer. The specialist contacted police and the operator was unable to confirm an officer was on site. Police were dispatched and the emergency contact was alerted. The specialist received additional activations and could see two officers on site but not the original person. Customer service confirmed that one was arrested.