Two minute response to verified alarm

Operator Joe Orsborn

Police arrested one suspect, detained a second and put a third on the run after responding within two minutes to a Sonitrol Pacific verified burglar alarm at a Portland auto repair shop May 10.

Monitoring Operator Joe Orsborn received the initial system activation from Ultimate Auto Center around 1:30 a.m. He heard “banging and popping sounds” from the audio security sensors and called Portland Police. Orsborn continued to monitor sounds inside the business while police were on their way and he heard officers confront an intruder within minutes of his call.  Police told the business owner they got there so fast because Orsborn could hear the crime in progress and verify the alarm.

Police arrested one suspected burglar inside the shop. A second person ran away. Police detained a third person found waiting nearby in a car; however officers had no evidence to connect that person to the break-in and the individual was released.

The business owner recognized the person who was released as a former customer. He is hopeful the individual arrested will give police information leading to arrests of the other two.