2 arrested after security audio detects bangs, voices

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Robin Goings

Police caught two people suspected of trespassing at a school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security detected banging noises and men’s voices inside the school August 9.

Operator Robin Goings received the impact-activated security audio alert from the Puget Sound area grade school about 9:30 p.m.  Listening to live audio, Goings heard banging sounds and called the school district’s guard service.

While on the phone with the guard service, the banging noises grew louder and Goings heard sounds of movement, followed by faint voices.  He immediately called Redmond Police.

By the time the security guards arrived at the school, police already had two suspected trespassers in custody.

Special “thanks” to the Redmond Police Department.

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Two Arrested After Security Audio Detects Voices | Sonitrol Pacific