Two Apprehensions in the Nonprofit World

In light of the recent violence across the nation, getting a quick police response during an emergency is undoubtedly at the top of many people’s minds. Panic buttons are one way to connect immediately to police without the need for a phone or waiting to speak with 911 dispatchers. On December 13, we dispatched police to a public health clinic in Everett, Wash. after receiving alarms from a panic button at the reception area. Because the panic button was connected to the building’s security system audio panel with audio detection, Operator Denise Smith was able to hear what was going on inside to update police.


Through remote access, Denise heard lots of loud voices coming from the clinic. Police arrived in minutes and arrested a man who was threatening and shoving other patients in the clinic. The receptionist later reported that the man came in with a strange liquid substance in a container and then became violent. The man is now in police custody.

Mike Young

Several days later, we had another apprehension. Early in the morning on the 16th, Operator Mike Young received audio and motion alarm activations from the alarm system at a nonprofit organization in Seattle. Because of the audio detection, he was able to hear a faint banging noise from the building’s exterior, followed by louder sounds of movement and rummaging inside, and he dispatched Seattle PD. Officers surrounded the building and caught one suspect who was attempting to flee. According to police, the suspect had removed a window to gain access and then stormed through the building doing quite a bit of damage.

An employee at the organization commented that having the Sonitrol Pacific security system at her workplace made her feel safer, especially considering that Toby, one of our service technicians, had recently come to test the surveillance system for free as part of our Commitment to Service security guarantee.

Helping police catch aggressors and criminals is what sets us apart in the electronic security solutions industry. If you or someone you know would benefit from heightened security at their business, school or home, including panic alarm buttons, please let us know. We strive to build more secure communities in the areas we serve.