Trick, Treat Or Trespass: A Spooky School Apprehension


Verification Center operator Mike Young dispatched the Clackamas County sheriff to a public elementary school in Milwaukie, Ore. on Saturday after the school’s audio detection security system let him hear male voices and movement inside. At first, Mike heard only the HVAC system, but this was no false alarm. He quickly dispatched police and continued listening to the suspects inside as police arrived and set up a perimeter. After only five minutes, Mike was able to hear the police confront and apprehend the suspects: two 15 year old boys caught with laptops stolen from the school.

There was an open house at the school earlier that evening and the boys found several sliding doors that had been left unlocked for the event. Luckily, the Sonitrol Pacific school security system provided full coverage for the elementary school. Sonitrol Pacific’s security services quickly detected the youths through audio detection and a sound security system once they were inside and moving around. The school was extremely pleased that the expensive laptops were recovered before the suspects even left the building, and told us that Sonitrol Pacific has provided “immense value to the district.

Apprehensions so far this year: 112