Trespasser & inflatable friend detected, apprehended

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Robin Goings

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Robin Goings

Police took into custody a suspected trespasser and his inflatable friend after Sonitrol Pacific detected his activity inside a Tacoma area park facility January 28.

Early in the evening, Operator Robin Goings received an activation alert from the Sonitrol Pacific security system inside a locked storage building at Metro Parks Tacoma’s South End Recreation Area.  He listened to live security audio to determine the cause of the alarm, but didn’t hear suspicious noises.  However, Goings was aware of recent criminal activity at the parks and sent a security guard to check things out.

A short time later, the security guard let Goings know he located a man inside the storage facility and Tacoma Police were taking him into custody for trespassing.  When apprehended, the man was carrying a blow-up doll and a spotlight.

You can read a raving fan letter recently written (although prior to this detection/apprehension) by a member of the Metro Parks Tacoma team.