Trespassers trip audio sensors

Security audio of voices and sounds of furniture being moved resulted in a Sonitrol Pacific operator calling police and the arrest of two trespassers at a Puget Sound area school December 18.

Operator Lora Orsborn received motion sensor activations from the school a little after noon and called the district’s guard service to investigate.

Moments later, Orsborn heard banging noises detected by security audio sensors, followed by a man’s faint voice.  She called Tacoma Police on a verified alarm.  While officer’s were en route to the school, Orsborn heard someone yell “Brett”, then noises like tables or furniture being moved.

Police and the security guard searched the school.  They located and arrested two men in the school, one of which was attempting to flee by crawling out a window.

Sonitrol Pacific’s security systems helped police apprehend trespassers at a Puget Sound high school. Contact Sonitrol for a free security assessment.