TransGroup: more of a raving fan now than ever

TransGroup Worldwide Logistics has been a member of the Sonitrol Pacific family for more than 10 years.  During our partnership, we’ve worked to ensure they feel important, well taken care of, and well-secured.  According to this letter from Bruce Wilson at TransGroup, our hard work has paid off.

January 25, 2011

To: Sonitrol Pacific

TransGroup Worldwide Logistics is continually grateful that we have partnered with Sonitrol Pacific for our security needs.  We originally became a customer in December 2000 and are more of a raving fan now than ever.  Prior to becoming a Sonitrol Pacific Customer our business suffered from constant false alarms which lead to costly false alarm fees.  Since switching to Sonitrol Pacific the false alarm fines have ceased.  I would attribute this to Sonitrol’s ability to hear into my facility and determine whether there is a true burglary in progress, as well as their proactive approach to monitoring our account.  Anytime there are employee issues with arming or disarming the alarm our customer service representative follows up with me the next day to make sure the issues are resolved before it gets to the point of a police dispatch.

In addition to our intrusion alarm, Sonitrol Pacific also provides our Elevator Phone monitoring service and temperature monitoring for our server room.  I can personally attest to the fact that an elevator phone is a very important piece of equipment, as I myself was stuck in our elevator once and the phone did not work.  My customer service representative comes out once every six months to meet with me and update all of our security information.  While she is here she always makes a point to test the Elevator phone and make sure it is working properly.  Something small that many people might not think of is the temperature monitoring in a server room.  With Sonitrol Pacific, this has more than paid for itself.  There have been several occasions when our HVAC unit has failed and the operators at Sonitrol Pacific’s Verification Center have called our IT staff and saved the day.

As are most individuals employed today, I am very busy with day to day tasks and handling the needs of may growing company.  I appreciate the fact that when I do get time off it is not interrupted with nuisance alarm calls and matters that could have been handled proactively.  I would definitely recommend hiring Sonitrol Pacific.  when I first met with them they quoted me a system that came in higher than everyone else.  They told me I would not regret a decision to partner with them.  They were absolutely right.  Not only do they meet out needs but they continually go above and beyond.  There is no comparison to the overall value Sonitrol Pacific brings to the table.  In fact when all is said and done I would say Sonitrol Pacific costs us the same as, if not less than, the other alarm companies and continues to deliver us more than we feel we are paying for.

Bruce Wilson
General Manager of Security
TransGroup Worldwide Logistics