Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Basement

How to secure a basement window

When people think about home security, they often think about the doors and windows, primarily. But what about the basement? It is often an overlooked area that deserves some attention. Below are ten tips on how to better secure your basement from burglars.

  1. Secure the inside — Make sure that there is no furniture or other tall item near the window to help a burglar climb down into the basement from the outside.
  2. Use lighting — Make sure access points to the basement are covered by motion activated security lights.
  3. Install new windows — Replace your windows with shatterproof glass or add security film so a broken window would stay in place if someone attempts to break it.
  4. Add bars – If you don’t want to replace your windows, you can also secure a basement window by adding security bars.
  5. Cover the windows – Curtains or blinds keep the basement hidden from would be criminals.
  6. Use locks – Access points to the basement should be kept locked.
  7. Keep any valuables out of sight – Just like any other part of your home, keep very valuable jewelry and electronics hidden away.
  8. Trim trees and bushes – Eliminate hiding places by keeping the trees and bushes near your homes trimmed back.
  9. Add items to the path leading up to the windows — Garbage cans or other heavy items that will make noise if moved.
  10. Contact usto discuss security options for your basement Audio surveillance is a great way to protect this area of the house because if there is a noise like glass breaking, our Verification Center can hear the activity going on at your home. They are trained to be able to verify that a break-in is in fact occurring and dispatch police.*

*One of the questions we get asked the most is, “Can the ‪operators hear what’s going on in my home or business whenever they want?” The answer is no. Your ‪‎privacy is of utmost importance to us! Our operators can only hear what’s going on at your home or business when the audio surveillance equipment is turned on and something sets off an audio sensor. We’d love to pay you a visit and show you how it works!

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