Tips for employee safety & security

Last week, Sonitrol Pacific joined with several other Sonitrol dealers in offering a free webinar for schools.  Rick de Trevelle, the presenter, put together this great list of tips to promote school staff safety, but I think they apply to  everyone.  Be safe out there!

Personal Safety Tips for School Staff
by Rick de Trevelle

When you park on campus:

• Avoid parking in areas that might contain “ambush points”.  Leave your vehicle in an accessible area that can be seen from surrounding areas.  If arriving or leaving after dark, park in a lighted area.
• If you see someone nearby that makes you uncomfortable, don’t get out of your vehicle.
• If you work late, you may want to “stage” your vehicle and then move it to a safer parking place after school closes.

First – look around:
• Crime research shows that many times victimized persons are selected because they temporarily lost an awareness of what was going on around them. You don’t want to appear vulnerable, so you need to project “confidence”.  This comes from being very aware of your surroundings.
• Trust your instincts. If someone or something appears “out of the ordinary”, use caution.
• When a person seems suspicious you can wait for them to move or call (cell phone) for a co-worker to provide an escort to your building.

Custodian guidelines for when you’re entering and working inside a building:

• After business hours, lock the outside doors. No propped doors!  Know where the phones in each building are, and how to reach an outside line.
• Let your supervisor know when you will be finished in a building – out at a pre-determined time.
• Make no unnecessary trips outside.  Stage your trash and wait to remove it when you have a “teammate”. (The buddy system)
• Notify someone when staff members are going to be in a building during unusual hours.

When you return to your vehicle:
• Exit with a “buddy” when practical.
• Study your exit route and parking area before you start the walk to your car.
• Have your keys in your hand and ready to unlock before you reach your car.
• Check your back seat before you enter your car.

If you spot suspicious activity at work:
• Call 911 if a person appears to be committing a crime.  Contact your supervisor.

Request Designated Patrol from local law enforcement.