Tip Tuesday: Why You Need a Panic Button

Have you ever thought about adding a panic button to your business or home? They are a discreet and reliable way to keep your property safe from intruders or unauthorized persons. Panic buttons, in general, enable users under duress or in the event of an emergency to immediately and silently call for help. Also called hold-up alarms or duress alarms, these buttons can be activated in one or two simultaneous pushes. They can be discreetly activated, for example, when something is moved in a cash register. Below are four reasons why having a panic alarm is a good idea.

1. Greater chance at apprehending thieves: Pushing a panic button is so discreet that the burglar/thief doesn’t even know it’s happening because it doesn’t make any noise so only you will know police are on the way.

2. A way to safely call for help: Check-out counters, security stations, receiving areas, receptionist’s desks and even rooms where cash and other valuable property are stored—these are some of the places where workplace violence can strike. A panic button can give employees a greater sense of security.

3. Proactive protection: By installing a panic button you are proactively protecting your business from loss of property, profits and productivity. Panic buttons make it easier to contact the authorities when a traditional 911 phone call might not be feasible or convenient.

4. Added layer: Panic buttons add an extra layer of security to your current security system. Adding this layer helps capture criminals and better protect your home or business.

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panic buttons

panic buttons