Tip Tuesday: Four Ways to Conceal and Protect Your Valuables

A break in at your home can result in losing valuables but even more important is losing your peace of mind. We like to believe that “it will never happen to us” but the truth is, it can. Help maintain your peace of mind by following these four steps to better conceal your valuables at home and protect yourself from burglary.

Limit cash:
It’s best to keep large amounts of cash some place safe, like in your bank. Cash is hard to recover and even harder to prove such loss to your insurance agent. If it’s important for various reasons for you to have some cash on hand, hide some in an envelope in a book on a shelf or another more random location. Just don’t forget where you hid it!

Control what outsiders can see: When the lights are on in your home and its dark outside, it’s very easy to see inside. When it does get dark at night, consider closing your blinds or shutting your drapes. Don’t have any? Install some, then prowlers won’t be able to see what valuables you have displayed in your home.

Avoid the obvious places: When a burglar enters your home, they want to leave as quickly as possible so as not to get caught so they look for the most obvious places expensive items can be found including jewelry boxes, mattresses and dresser drawers. Pick more obscure places to hide your valuables like a large safe that is well hidden in a random room.

Have a security system installed: A security system, whether audio or video, means you can feel comfortable that your home is being monitored, even when you’re not there. Contact us to schedule a free residential security assessment and to learn more about our services. We know how important your peace of mind is and have the products and expertise you need to protect your home. Learn more about Home Security Systems.