Thrift Shop Thieves Strike Again

A thrift shop in Monroe, WA keeps getting hit by a man and a woman who go through the bins outdoors. We’ve helped Monroe PD make 11 arrests at the shop since July, but the suspects still keep coming back. The suspects are always a man and a woman working together to go through the donation bins outside. In July, we installed motion viewers as part of a video alarm monitoring system near the bins in order to catch the perpetrators, and the police have confirmed that they’ve arrested people during every one of our valid dispatches.


This month, we dispatched police to the shop after seeing a male/female pair again rifling through the bins. The police arrested them and requested a written report of the crime activity from the shop. An officer from the department said that he loves the way our system works and that he’s excited whenever the Verification Center calls to dispatch. After a dispatch in September, he hid around the corner while he waited for backup and was able to catch the suspects by surprise.