Three Apprehensions in Two Days!

On Monday May 30th, the verification specialist was monitoring when she received alarm signals from the south outside doors from a school in Everett. She then received an alarm on the south gym doors, the custodial door and ramp door and could hear male voices playing basketball. Police detained one for burglary.

It was a busy morning in the Verification Center on Tuesday! Early that morning the operator received an alarm signal from the back entry of a laundromat in Marysville. She could hear someone moving around and dispatched police as well as alerted the emergency contact. The emergency contact could not see anyone at first but then saw police on site walking around. Police found someone by the dumpster in the back. The person was taken into custody for burglary.

Also early yesterday morning, the verification specialist received alarm signals from a manufacturing company in Portland. He contacted the emergency contact and continued to receive alarms. He contacted the Portland Police and additional emergency contacts. Police could see someone walking around the upper level and entered with K9. A contact followed up to say that K9 had located one inside and police detained them.

three apprehensions in two days