These kids screwed up: Teens caught with screwdriver, other tools inside school

When Verification Center operator Robin Goings heard loud and continuous audio coming from outside a Tacoma elementary school in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday, he called the school’s contracted guard service to check it out.

Since Sonitrol Pacific’s audio detection system allowed him to keep listening while the guard was on his way, Robin heard male voices inside the building and was able to direct the guard to their location. Two young teenage boys were taken into custody.

Although they were young, the boys seemed all too prepared for the midday break-in. One of the boys was carrying a screwdriver and other tools for gaining entry through a window.

Early detection is one of the things that makes Sonitrol Pacific’s apprehension rate so different from any other security company. Hopefully, early intervention for these kids will make a difference for their lives, too: by learning the consequences of their mistakes at a young age, we can only hope that they’ll never want to be on the wrong side of the law again. 

Carrying around a screwdriver for breaking in and out is only cute on Rugrats. The rest of the time, it’s illegal.