The Unique Challenge of Securing Multi-tenant Buildings

by Tony Orso, Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager
Posted October 1, 2008

I spoke with a customer today who felt he could not protect his building. He told me there were common hallways that led to individual tenant spaces. He had so many problems with false alarms and so many frustrations with a system often left unarmed by tenants that he had given up protecting his building and he was paying a person to make sure that the doors were closed and locked every night.

Multi-tenant buildings with shared entry points pose unique security concerns like:

How is the system armed?

Who arms the system?

Who insures that the doors are closed and locked?

Who disarms the system?

What happens if the system is armed while another tenant is in their office?

What do you do if the building has more than one entrance?

How do you keep the users (people approved to arm or disarm the system) current?

Who pays for false alarms?

Needless to say our customer was excited to hear we could offer solutions to his unique security problems.

Many of these challenges can be overcome by using verified audio detection coupled with an integrated access control system. Every building has its own special requirements but a Sonitrol Pacific verified audio system coupled with an integrated Sonitrol Pacific managed access system can eliminate many or all of these concerns. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you would like a professional security consultant to conduct a security review and assessment of your multi-tenant facility.