The right security at the right time

By DeJa Irving, Sonitrol Pacific Tacoma Customer Service Representative
Posted July 27, 2009

This is an amazing story of the awesomeness of Sonitrol Pacific! Let me start from before the beginning.

Lakewood Presbyterian was a customer for 20 years, from 1988 to 2008. Last summer they canceled due to cash flow issues.

Now the beginning.

A few weeks ago, they called us back wanting their 3400 system reactivated because there is a Computer Lab class operated at the church as part of the Summer school program. David Westrick signed them up and Johnny Runyon upped the system Thursday afternoon, July 23rd. I arrived to do training Friday afternoon July 24th at 1pm. During the training most of the users agreed that they didn’t ever expect to be broken into because of theft, they all thought vandalism would be the issue in the future. After a power-packed training session, it was 2:30 pm and everything was complete. I shook hands and thanked them for being a Sonitrol Pacific customer. Less than 7 hours later around 8:50pm, Mr. Sample armed and left the building. Around 9:15, two neighborhood teenagers cut all of the Comcast cable/ Internet lines thinking they were cutting phone and security lines, and climbed to the roof to break in through a window. Because this is a City of Lakewood account, Ashley Sutton had to follow the enhanced call verification procedure of contacting EP before dispatching. Mr. Sample arrived first and a few minutes later PD arrived to take one boy into custody. The other Boy tried to get away but he couldn’t get far with a gash in his leg (see sentence above regarding roof and window!)

In the end, 3 broken windows, 2 arrested boys, and one RAVING FAN! Lakewood Presbyterian absolutely loves us!