The Leaves Are Falling and So Is The Temperature

Fall may have only recently started, but chilly temperatures will be here before we know it. Stay ahead of Mother Nature and prepare your home before she pays a chilly visit.

Back in August, the Old Farmer’s Almanac came out with a 2016 preview for the upcoming winter in the Pacific Northwest. The almanac predicts that the snowiest times will be in mid-December, early to mid-January and mid-to late February. The editor of the almanac, Janice Stillman, said that “anybody who gets snow will have a White Christmas.” Even though it is supposed to be a warmer winter, it is still a good idea to be proactive for when the weather does cool down and whether we see snow or not.

Below are some tips for weatherizing your home or office:

*Schedule your annual fire system inspection for cleaning and fresh batteries
*Reset timers on cameras, camera lighting and DVRs to allow for later, darker nights
*Inspect doors and windows for strength and security
*Install outdoor/motion lighting
*Trim your trees often so no limbs fall onto your car or home
*Remove ladders or anything that can be used to climb onto
*Purchase a de-icer for sidewalks, walkways and parking lots
*Check security lenses for any possible obstructions like fog or dew
*Install at least one carbon dioxide monitor especially if you use a gas fireplace
*Keep your heat running, even on vacation, so pipes won’t freeze
*Get your chimney swept at least once a year
*Ensure your attic has enough insulation
*Caulk your windows and doors

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