The Final Countdown: 2

So much for being quiet and sneaky. The suspect in our runner-up for 2012’s top apprehension makes the cut as one of the most vocal burglars we’ve ever heard.

Just before 3 a.m. on August 11, a suspected burglar tripped audio detection sensors at A-n-T Tire & Wheel, an auto shop located only steps away from our Sonitrol Pacific Portland office. Operator Mike Young received a notification of a sharp banging noise followed by the sound of movement as the suspect broke out the front window and the glass door between the shop and the office.

Mike could hear the person rummaging through the shop, but not for long—police arrived only minutes after Mike dispatched them.

Once police were onsite, Mike was able to listen through the audio verification panel as things got even more interesting. An officer confronted the suspect while he was still inside, and the man quickly surrendered. Seemingly intoxicated, the suspect forgot that part about his “right to remain silent,” and rattled off quite a few complaints, including “just arrest me already—what are you waiting for?”

Listen to the real audio recording below and decide for yourself which of this guy’s lines are the best. Other great soundbites that didn’t make the cut include “I’ve never done this before in my life” and “Can I sit down?”

After arresting the man, police discovered that he may have been responsible for break-ins to a couple of nearby cars as well.