Testimonial: Fort Nisqually Living History Museum

The following is a testimonial from a Sonitrol Pacific customer who experienced a trespassing incident last week. Read about that incident here.

On Thursday, Nov. 29th at 3:30 a.m., I was informed by Sonitrol Pacific that Fort Nisqually had unwanted activity going on within the palisade. I arrived at the fort in about 15 minutes to find that Tacoma Police had apprehended 5 trespassers. I’m happy to report no damage.

I was impressed by the way the situation was handled so quickly. Much thanks to TPD.  However, I want to give a special thank you to Sonitrol Pacific for being alert to the intrusion, monitoring the situation and dispatching in a timely matter. Everything worked the way it’s supposed to. In passing, one of the arresting officers remarked to me that Sonitrol is a good security service. I don’t need convincing.

Thank you Sonitrol Pacific staff for a job well done.

Mike McGuire

Education Curator

Fort Nisqually 5400 North Pearl Street, #11, Tacoma, WA  98407