Temp monitoring, zone security & catching bad guys

Here are a few of the subjects covered in the Spring 2011 edition of our Sounding Board security newsletter.

Environmental monitoring, documentation gets easy, peasy
Sonitrol Pacific has provided environmental monitoring services for years.  Now, we offer advanced technology that makes temperature and humidity monitoring and documenting of sensitive areas easier than ever.
Our new environmental sensor unit performs automatic logging. The unit tracks temperatures and humidity for monitoring and can be programmed to log the data at set intervals. The log can then be downloaded to a memory stick and printed off via your computer for a permanent hard copy record. This simple solution will save you time and money, help you meet Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines, and assist you in avoiding legal issues.  (read article)

Zone defense
Organizations that let community groups use their facilities after regular business hours sometimes see valuable items disappear.  One simple, cost-effective way to counter this is to set up “security zones” with your Sonitrol Pacific system.  (read article)

Can’t catch, can’t verify, what do they do?
The high false alarm rates and low criminal apprehension rates of traditional burglar alarms have long been a concern for law enforcement agencies and a drain on communities’ financial resources.  In 2010 alone, false burglar alarms cost the City of Seattle more than $1 million.  Burglar alarm companies now recognize these problems too.

Stan Martin, Executive Director of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), recently wrote about limitations of the alarm industry’s technology and monitoring standards.  Technology they currently use doesn’t allow for verification, a proven way to prevent false alarms, and he urged alarm companies to look to new technologies to decrease false alarm rates.  (read article)

Did You Knowof the 194 suspects apprehended in 2010 due to a Sonitrol Pacific detection, 27% were caught before getting inside and another 23% broke in through a wall, the roof or other unusual point of entry that traditional burglar alarms would not have detected?  See our complete 2010 record for more details or subscribe to our blog for updates on new apprehensions as they occur.

Intrusion Reviews
A letter from Ed Perry, Manager, Pat Rimmer’s Les Schwab Tire Center of Burlington:
March 21, 2011
Les Schwab Tire Center of Burlington installed a Sonitrol Pacific audio-based alarm system in 2000 and to this day I’m still completely confident with our decision.  You guys have been great to work with and I feel that when we call with a need or a problem your company has done a great job of having a person here the next day to address any issues we may have had.  I also know that no matter what next step in protection we might need that Sonitrol Pacific will have the solution I need and the service team to back it up.  (letter continued … )

A letter from Bret Brantner, President of Mr. Plywood Inc.:
March 8, 2011
To whom it may concern:
As a business owner, I truly appreciate a company that delivers what they promise.  Sonitrol Pacific is one of those companies.
Sonitrol Pacific helped me understand the differences between verified security and what most other security companies do.  Once I realized those differences, I knew it was the way to go.  No more false alarms, no more worries about somebody breaking in unnoticed, and when I found out how reasonable the rates were, I was sold.  (letter continued … )

National competition winners
Five members of the Sonitrol Pacific team earned recognition in the Sonitrol National Dealers’ Association (SNDA) annual National Achievement Competition.
John Provost, Tara Fulmer, Sarah Bailey, Salena Wolfe and Jeff LaMont from our Everett office won honors in their respective categories.  The five will travel to Tucson in April to be recognized at an awards ceremony during the annual SNDA conference.  (read article)

GS2 puts a spring in your step
Good Stuff Squared (GS2) is a referral bonus program that doubles the reward.  When someone refers a new client to Sonitrol Pacific, we donate $200 in that person’s name to the non-profit organization of their choice and give them $200 to say ‘thank you’.  (read article)

Christopherson wins Employee of the Year
Minta Christopherson was named Sonitrol Pacific’s 2010 Employee of the Year during a company awards program January 17.

Minta, an Operator in our Everett office, earned this honor because she thrives on new professional challenges, routinely offers to take on more projects, seeks out training opportunities, and produces excellent work.  She is an expert operator and a respected member of the team.  (read article)

Etheridge earns ‘Peggy Carman’ award
Kris Etheridge dispatched police to catch 38 suspects in 2010, earning Sonitrol Pacific’s “Peggy Carman” award.  The award was created in 2008 in honor of Sonitrol Pacific’s long-time employee, culture ambassador and “Godmother”, Peggy Carman.  It is given annually to the operator responsible for the most apprehensions that year.  (read article)

Felker named Employee of Quarter
Summer Felker earned Employee of the Quarter honors for the fourth quarter of 2010 in recognition of the service she delivers and the raving fans she makes of her Sonitrol Pacific customers.  (read article)

Employees of the Month
The Sound Security Board of Directors named Scott Mathews, Tony Morgan, Sarah Bailey and DeJa Irving the Employees of the Month for November, December, January and February, respectively.  (read article)

Who You Gonna Call?
Our team wants you to give the best possible service and support when you call.  By calling the direct number for the department you need, you’ll receive service quickly and easily, no muss, no fuss.

Call our Verification Center if you want to
• cancel an alarm
• request reports
• add and/or delete employees
• notify us you’ll be turning on your security system later than scheduled (“Late to Arm”)
Or, for any other needs related to the monitoring of your Sonitrol Pacific system.

Verification Center phone numbers:
Everett: 425.258.3571
Seattle: 206.443.8877
Tacoma: 253.572.8668
Portland: 503.223.7229
Boise: 208.426.9925

Call your local Sonitrol Pacific office to speak with
• a Security Consultant
• a Customer Service Representative
• a member of our management team

Sonitrol Pacific Branch office phone numbers:
Everett: 425.258.3655
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Boise: 208.426.9367

For questions on a statement or invoice, or to make a credit card payment, call
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