Teens Caught Smoking at School

2013 is already off to a great start in our Verification Center, which reported its first apprehension of the year this morning. Making it even better is the fact that this year’s first apprehension came earlier than in 2012 or 2011.  [See the complete list]  We take this as a sign that 2013 will be a record-breaking year for Sonitrol Pacific in many ways.

This morning at 9:45, Verification Center Operator Ashley Sutton received activations from the media room at a school stadium in Tacoma. Through the audio verification panel in the school’s security system, she could hear two males inside. Ashley dispatched the Tacoma School Patrol and continued receiving more alarms on the same door.

The patrol officer reported that two teenage males were caught inside smoking marijuana. They had entered through an unsecured door and were released to their parents.

Ashley’s apprehension is surely the first of many to come in 2013!