Team members earn national awards

Five members of the Sonitrol Pacific team will grace the awards stage at the 2012 Sonitrol National Dealers’ Association (SNDA) convention after placing in the annual National Achievement Competition.

The SNDA announced February 27 that Sonitrol Pacific employees Technician John Provost, Technician Dean Packard, Operator Cami Halstead, Support Specialist Anne Ogama and Support Specialist Salena Wolfe all earned honors in their respective categories.

“I’m very proud of these team members,” President Beau Bradley said. “This recognition is a tremendous accomplishment and shows their everyday hard work and dedication to our Core Values. They are truly ‘the best of the best’.”

These five winners will travel to New Orleans in April to be recognized at an awards ceremony during the annual SNDA conference.

The National Achievement Competition consists of a challenging series of questions and problem solving essays for technicians, monitoring operators and administrative support team members. Submissions are judged by a panel of SNDA members from across the country and winners are selected based on their overall scores.

John Provost

A member of the Sonitrol Pacific team since 2004, John Provost placed in the Top Technician category for a second year in a row.

“John has a thirst for knowledge and it is amazing to watch him meet one goal after another.” said Verification Center Manager Michelle Evans.

Dean Packard

Although a member of the team since 2002, this was the first year Dean Packard competed in National Achievement.  He placed in the Technicians’ Shining Star category.

“Dean has been, and continues to be, one of the very best customer service reps in the company,” said Jim Dopp, Sonitrol Pacific Vice President and Portland General Manager.  “He makes every customer feel that they are the most important client we have.  Top that off with his amazing skills as a technician and his knowledge of Sonitrol security systems and components and his value to Sound Security becomes very apparent. Now the rest of the network knows it as well.”

Cami Halstead

Cami Halstead earned recognition in the Operators’ Shining Star category.  A relatively new member of the team, Cami has earned a reputation throughout the company of dependability, reliability, and positivity.  She is a pleasure to work with.

Anne Ogama is a three-peat winner in the Top Administrative/Support category.  She earned the Top Administrative Support award in 2010 and 2009.

Anne Ogama

Anne Ogama

“Anne’s work ethic, attention to detail and tenacity to work a problem through to a resolution set the stage for her section as an SNDA finalist for the third time,” said Tony Orso, Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager. “Anne has always been willing to go above and beyond to help customers and fellow employees – in short she is a wonderful member of the Sonitrol Pacific Team and we are so excited to see her up on the big stage in New Orleans.”

Salena Wolfe is also a return winner in the Top Administrative/Support category.  She graced the stage in 2011.  Salena took over the Everett Administrative Assistant position more than four years ago.  Before that, she served as a Verification Center Operator and still helps out in the Verification Center monitoring accounts when needed.

Salena Wolfe

“We could not be more proud of her many accomplishments,” Evans said.

Sonitrol Pacific team members Sarah Bailey, Jeff LaMont and Amanda Dittebrandt earned Honorable Mention in their respective categories.

The complete list of SNDA National Achievement Competition winners (in alphabetical order, by category):
Top Technicians:
John Provost, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett
Norman Retuta, Sonitrol of San Jose
Jeff Searls, Sonitrol of Rochester
Dan Silvestro, Sonitrol of Buffalo
Top Technician Trainers:
Brian Diemunsch, Sonitrol of Delaware Valley
Ben Schneider, Sonitrol of New Orleans
Technician Shining Stars:
Justin Norris, Sonitrol of Tallahassee
Dean Packard, Sonitrol Pacific – Portland
Top Operators:
Christopher Alexander, Sonitrol of San Jose
Natalia Burey, Sonitrol of Tallahassee
Karl Maier, Sonitrol of Buffalo
Jeff Wilson, Sonitrol of Toronto
Top Operator Trainers:
Michael McConnell, Sonitrol of Dayton
Murshid Normand, Sonitrol of Tallahassee
Operator Shining Stars:
Alexsis Berton, Sonitrol of San Jose
Cami Halstead, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett
Top Administrative/Support Personnel:
Karen DeVault, Sonitrol of Tri-County
Mike Lanker, Sonitrol of Indianapolis
Anne Ogama, Sonitrol Pacific – Seattle
Salena Wolfe, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett
Administrative/Support Shining Stars:
Stella Inciarte, Sonitrol of San Jose
Stephanie Morton, Sonitrol of Central New Jersey